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Join us for a helicopter hog hunting trip in Knox City & Paducah, TX

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Discover what we can accomplish with our aviation services

Our company strives to give hunters great opportunities to hunt feral hogs, but we also use our aircraft for other services. You can count on us to help out with:

  • Aerial application
  • Aerial photography
  • Pipeline patrol
  • Game surveys
  • Cattle work
Call 575-973-0214 now to request our crop dusting services in Knox City & Paducah, TX.

Explore What We Can Do in Our Helicopter

Join us for helicopter hog hunting or crop dusting in Knox City & Paducah, TX

Take hog hunting to a whole new level with Cedar Ridge Aviation. Hunters and local farmers are partnering to help control the feral hog population in the area. You can do your part by going up with us for an unforgettable helicopter hog hunting experience.

We offer lodging for hunters as well. You can stay in our remote cabin while you enjoy the unique hunting experience we have to offer.

Contact us today to find out more about the helicopter hog hunting we offer throughout Knox City & Paducah, TX.

What makes Cedar Ridge Aviation the right choice for you?

Since 2011, hunters have been able to pay for access to hunt feral pigs as part of the population control initiative. Our highly experienced pilots are ready to take you on the hunting trip of your life. We have a great safety record. We are licensed and insured for both hunting trips and spraying crops. Ask about our veteran discounts.