Heli Hog Hunts

We know this is why you're here. This is the main event. With an unparalleled amount of experience and familiarity with the area we can truly offer the most intense and action-packed aerial adventure out there. Statistics say that 70% of feral hogs must be culled in order to stabilize the population. Even though we have taken nearly 17,000 hogs in the last four years (!), more must be done. 70% harvested of the state's more than 2 million hog population? You do the math. Now it's your turn to book a seat helping us rid the hard working farmers and ranchers of the Lone Star State of this overwhelming vermin.

We offer you a TRUE outdoor getaway by providing not only the experience of a lifetime but also lodging at Tusks and Tines Outfitters, our full service hunting lodge. There you are able to add many other exciting activities to your getaway, such as an exotics or feeder hog hunt, giving you and/or your clients/friends/family a truly memorable adventure! Most of the over 300,000 acres that we have access to are less than an hour drive from our lodge! With over 250 happy clients in our first 2 seasons, no one comes close to our level of experience and expertise.

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